Parseltongue is the international Language of Serpents.


Parseltongue is a language of whispers and hisses, created by serpents for their own use. It is hard, although not impossible, for non-serpentine beings to pronounce it properly; wizards designed the Parselmouth Curse to get around how hard it was for most individuals to learn it on their own.


Due to the lack of socialization in the average serpent's lifestyle, Parseltongue is usually only spoken in rare occasions by serpents, and so has changed very little over space and time. Nonetheless, some words differ in the vernacular use from one region to another.

Known VocabularyEdit

Parseltongue (Latin Script) Modern English (Latin Script)
Sheshhs-s School
Shkneehhshshethhsss Kangaroo
Shneeshhcshet Thank you
SHiahhss Speak
’n To
Gahthess Me
F'yassshh What?
Yahrahhss To leave smb. alone
Sah No
Ahsheehh Him
Yethhh Please
Sss-shh-ssss Bonded
Tsss "I order it"
Hsssh Day
Hsshsss Always; Forever
hhsssshhhh-tushh tongueless(without taste or smell)

Proper Names in ParseltongueEdit

Parseltongue users may wish ot use non-serpentine proper names in Parseltongue. The resulting Parseltongue name is a phonetic approximation of the original name in the style of Parseltongue.

Original (Latin Script) Parseltongue (Latin Script)
Slytherin Sei'theinn
Hermione Granger Hehhmehnesss Cwenshhehh
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